The pocket diary of Hattie E.F. D. 1866

Monday, January 1, 1866


Another year has passed away; and we are still living on the uncertainties of the future. We should carefully wipe the dust, from the mirror of the past year viewing our many acts and deeds and ask ourselves would they be approved by God and man? and is the world better for our having lived in it? These with similar reflections should keep us on our guard and prepare us for the unavoidable duties of life.
Received a letter from John. have answered it.”
– Hattie E.F. D.

John is a man she will marry two years later, in 1868.
Punctuation and spelling as from diary.
The views expressed in this diary do not necessarily reflect my own. -A.E.McManus


© 2016 Amy E. McManus

4 thoughts on “The pocket diary of Hattie E.F. D. 1866

  1. Ok A. E. McManus! This is wonderful! It’s personal, historic, quixotic and exciting.! Thank you for letting us read it! I love the look of this blog as well and of course I love the introduction. What a lovely way to begin 2016!!


  2. A. McManus, this is really exciting! I love the slow exposure of Hattie’s personal diary and can’t wait to see how things turn out. Love the look of this. Love it all. Glad you’re here doing this!


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