November 26, 1866

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“Pleasant. Mother and I have been to the green this morning. Passed the afternoon and evening at home.” – Hattie E.F. D.

Notes: The green Hattie refers to is Taunton Green, the center of town.

Photo: Program from a GAR benefit held at the Wm. H. Bartlett (Veterans) Post on Patriots Day, April 19 (year unspecified).  “The GAR (Grand Army of the Republic) was a fraternal organization composed of veterans of the Union Army (United States Army), Union Navy (U.S. Navy), Marines and the U.S. Revenue Cutter Service who served in the American Civil War for the Northern/Federal forces.”

John C. Chace, Hattie’s betrothed at the time of her 1866 diary, was a member of the GAR.

©Amy E. McManus 2017

3 thoughts on “November 26, 1866

  1. Always find these diary entries fun and interesting to read. Glad to see you’re continuing to post them. pat


  2. Boscobel, Wisconsin, maintains one of the last remaining GAR halls in the nation, with an interior collection ranging from Civil War and town memorabilia to the couch of an opera singer “stranded” there in the late 19th Century and the small cannon which murdered escaping Indian women and children at the end of Blackhawk’s War, fired from a steamboat as they tried to swim across the Mississippi River.



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