October 29, 1866


“Not very pleasant  Mrs Alex Presbrey passed the afternoon here. Mother and I attended an Exhibition of the band of hope in their hall, very interesting.” – Hattie E.F. D.

Notes: Band of Hope was possibly a Christian Charity based in London, England that educated children about the hazards of alcohol abuse and promoted total abstinence. Founded in 1855 as Band of Hope, it was subsequently named Hope, UK. Presentations were often made by magic lantern, an early version of the slide projector.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hope_UK
Portrait from family album


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October 28, 1866


“Pleasant. Attended sabbath school and the afternoon services. Rev M Blake addressed us. John accompanied me home to tea. after tea we took a walk  passed a pleasant evening together.”  – Hattie E.F. D.

Portrait from family album; reverse side.



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October 24, 1866


“Pleasant. Grandmother returned home this morning..  Singing school commenced this evening  John waited upon me there  also escorted me home..” – Hattie E.F. D.

Portrait from family album



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October 23, 1866


“Rain in the morning pleasant in the afternoon. Grandmother came this morning. Attended the prayer meeting. John waited upon me home and passed a few pleasant hours with me.” – Hattie E.F. D.

Portrait from family album




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October 21, 1866


“Pleasant. attended sabbath school  also the morning and afternoon services. John accompanied me home and took tea with us. we passed a very pleasant evening together.” – Hattie E.F. D.

From the Taunton Directory, 1850.



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