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“The pocket diary of Hattie E.F. D. Taunton, MA 1866” went on hiatus after the posting of November 25,1866, a drastic change in my schedule being the reason. Yesterday I posted the November 26, 1866  entry and am going to post the remainder of the diary on a daily basis (or almost daily, as time allows) to its completion. Upcoming features include photographic portraits of Hattie and John from a later time, images of the family gravestones (located after some sleuthing with family this summer), and an exploration of John Chace’s wallet and its contents. Stay tuned and feel free to comment.

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November 27, 1866


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“Pleasant. remained at home during the day. John passed the evening with me.” – Hattie E.F. D.

Notes: “John” is Hattie’s betrothed, John C. Chace.
Local advertisement from the GAR (Grand Army of the Republic) Benefit Program Book (year unspecified). See previous post (Nov 26, 1866) for more information on GAR.


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November 26, 1866

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“Pleasant. Mother and I have been to the green this morning. Passed the afternoon and evening at home.” – Hattie E.F. D.

Notes: The green Hattie refers to is Taunton Green, the center of town.

Photo: Program from a GAR benefit held at the Wm. H. Bartlett (Veterans) Post on Patriots Day, April 19 (year unspecified).  “The GAR (Grand Army of the Republic) was a fraternal organization composed of veterans of the Union Army (United States Army), Union Navy (U.S. Navy), Marines and the U.S. Revenue Cutter Service who served in the American Civil War for the Northern/Federal forces.”

John C. Chace, Hattie’s betrothed at the time of her 1866 diary, was a member of the GAR.

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November 25, 1866

“I ask myself many times does he enjoy his visits as much as I do?


“Pleasant. Attended the afternoon services. John accompanied me home and took tea with us. we also passed a very pleasant evening together  it seemed so pleasant to be again with him  I ask myself many times does he enjoy his visits as much as I do?” – Hattie E.F. D.

Advertisement from the Taunton Directory, 1850.


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November 22, 1866

“ is more than love…it is idolatry.”


“Not very pleasant during the day, and quite cold. Returned home this afternoon. I find that I cannot be separated from John even for a night without its causeing (sic) unhappy feelings. why is it? he thinks that I do not love him then why is it so hard to be away from him? it is more than love  it is idolatry. and am I living the (?) which I profess. Oh that I may be trace my affections more on (?) things. Myra Dean passed a part of the day here. Augusta called.” – Hattie E.F. D.

Portrait from family album.


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November 20, 1866

“I now realize that I am alone in this wide world…”


“John passed the evening with me. I now realize that I am alone in this wide world  I had felt that I had one in whom I could place all confidence but I am alone  never again can I rest in his loving embrace.  or a friend to sympathize with me in my sorrow  nothing to live for  the happy hours are all past and may they be forgotten.” – Hattie E.F. D.

Portrait from family album.


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