September 2, 1866

“Mr Barrows  and Mr Phillips child was buried..”


“Pleasant. attended sabbath school and the afternoon services  John accompanied me home and took tea with us  also passed the evening with me which was very pleasant. Mr Barrows and Mr Phillips child was buried..”  – Hattie E.F. D.

Notes: Image below of the Taunton Death Registry lists both Mr Barrows and Mr Phillips’ child. It tells us the following:
Jonathan Barrows, died 8/31/1866 of Disease of the Heart, age 52, lived in Weir Village, Laborer (29th in the registry list)
Warren Phillips, died 8/31/1866 of Cholera Infantum, age 11 mo (8th in the registry list).
Image of Phillips family gravestone from Mayflower Hill Cemetery in Taunton. Mr Barrows is buried in Wareham, MA. Images courtesy of and



© 2016 Amy E. McManus

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