July 10, 1866


“Mrs Allen Williams was buried…”

“Pleasant and cool. Ella Forbes and Robert passed the day here. Mrs Allen Williams was buried. attended the evening prayer meeting  quite a number present. John accompanied me home and remained a short time with me.”  – Hattie E.F. D.

Notes: Mrs Allen Williams, nee Mary Fairbanks, drowned on July 7 (which Hattie gives brief mention to in her entry of that day). See image from Death Register below (“#120 Mary H. Williams”). It is to be noted that she was 19 years old at the time of her death and she was a newlywed. The register of her marriage to L. Allen Williams (see also below) is dated May 21, 1866. I call attention to this document as it lists Mr William’s profession as “Mariner,” which could be a relevant factor in her death. Perhaps she was on the water with her new husband when she drowned.
Documents courtesy of Ancestry.com

Mrs Allen Wms death

Allen Wms marriage

And here is the gravestone of Mary H. Fairbanks Williams in the Caswell Burying Ground in Taunton. Courtesy of Findagrave.com


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