Monday, January 8, 1866


very cold.
Passed a part of the evening with Mrs. Alex Presbrey.
Peter’s Britania (sic) works was destroyed by fire.
Horace Crane and Jenny Irving were married. and may they ever look back to this day with pleasure and satisfaction.”

Notes: Porter Britannia Works was a silversmith and silverplate company in Taunton. There were a number of silver manufacturers in Taunton at one time earning it the name The Silver City.
Advertisement from Taunton Directory 1850.


© 2016 Amy E. McManus

2 thoughts on “Monday, January 8, 1866

  1. Amy,

    I love reading the posts and your explanations. In other posts do you know what meetings she is referring to??


  2. I’m sorry but I don’t have a reference for the “meetings.” When she mentions “services” it’s usually on a Sunday and I believe a church service. The family later attended Methodist Episcopal church, though I don’t yet know if this was the church she was attending in 1866.


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